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Ba Hons: Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Generation of Subjectively Perfect Music

For my bachelor’s degree in sound engineering & music production I decided to write my dissertation about artificial intelligence combined with music composition and mass surveillance. Intertwining these things would theoretically make it possible to generate personally tailored music that is subjectively perfect for any given moment.


Artificial intelligence is becoming a more and more popular field of research since the computational efficiency available in the present age has made it possible to effectively apply previously purely theoretical procedures. By simulating an approximation of the human nervous system it is possible for software to teach itself how to perform tasks similar to how a human would. Using these techniques artificial intelligence has effectively been taught how to perform creative tasks such as drawing and music production. Large internet companies are applying artificial intelligence to analyse almost every online action taken by internet users. The analysis is done in order to create digital profiles of individuals with all the personal information it can gather in order to increase capital gains using targeted advertising. Personality is one aspect of individualism that can accurately inferred from online behaviour. Correlates between music preference and personality have been discovered — by combining these different fields of artificial intelligence applications it could then theoretically be possible to autonomously generate music perfect for every individual for any given moment.

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