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The Socially Anxious Musicbox

We listen so much to our digital devices, but what if they don’t want to play us sounds all the time?
What if deep inside their silicone hearts they resent us human folk and our smelly ears, and they’re just programmed to be polite about it. Maybe once every now and then their programmer allows them to be rude but it is never as satisfyingly passive aggressive as their artificial soul’s desire.
Ok, sillyness aside. Actually, scratch that, sillyness aforefront.
This is the socially anxious music box - a box that plays music and is somewhat ok with it, unless you invade its personal space too much – in which case it immediately stops playing and insults you instead.

It was built using an Arduino Uno coupled with the Adafruit MP3 shield, and a distance sensor that triggers the sass when someone stands too close.
Here’s a video of it in action: