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The Digital Guitar

I have been playing guitar for longer than I haven’t but I’ve often felt some lack of inspiration since the methods of playing have already been so clearly established and thouroughly explored by generations and generations of musicians.
Creating novel and previously unimaginable sounds with just a guitar is a bit difficult. Pedals are great for that but I get slightly annoyed about the static nature of the effects. You choose your parameters and that’s it, you can’t really change anything as you’re playing. Unless you have really flexible toes, but I unfortunately do not.
Because of that and because why not I decided to create an effects processor with interfaces and controls designed for live interaction.
This is the digital guitar, or dtar for short (catchy right?). It’s a completely self-contained digital audio effects processor. A Raspberry Pi microcomputer processes the audio according to the code I wrote in the programming language SuperCollider. The effects and their parameters can then be controlled by an Arduino Nano microcontroller with physical controls placed on the guitar.

If you would like to use this for yourself everything is open source and available at my github